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Research Partners

To help achieve our goal to advance the practice of integrative oncology in Canada, the OICC has established partnerships with several local, national and international investigators and several research organizations.

The Complementary Medicine Education and Outcomes (CAMEO) Program

The CAMEO is a research program focused on knowledge translation, the process of transforming research into user-friendly information that can be shared with patients and health professionals. CAMEO studies the complementary medicine needs of people living with cancer, their support persons, and health care providers, and develops programs and resources to help address those needs. CAMEO brings the latest complementary medicine research to the conventional cancer care setting through education courses and lectures, published documents, and individualized information and decision support consultations.

With CAMEO, the OICC is working to develop a decision-aid to support the decision-making process for women with a history of breast cancer who are seeking help to control hot flashes. In addition we are working with CAMEO to translate the findings of a series of CIHR funded systematic reviews for people living with lung and breast cancer into patient friendly monographs that summarizes the evidence on both safety and efficacy for nearly 15 separate natural health products. 

The Integrative Canadian Oncology (ICON) Research Initiative

The Integrative Canadian Oncology (ICON) Research Initiative has the mission to facilitate the creation, synthesis and translation of evidence-informed integrative oncology that motivates practice and policy change within Canada. ICON was established in 2010 by members of the former Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Team (CCAM). There are two team leaders and six team members that focus their research exclusively on integrative oncology, including Drs. Seely and Weeks of the OICC.

Through collaborative efforts with the ICON Research Initiative, the OICC research team is working to develop a framework and agenda for integrative oncology research in Canada. In April 2012, the OICC and ICON partnered to host a 2-day meeting (funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research) to reach consensus on Canadian integrative oncology research priorities, develop a research agenda and  implement strategies and an action plan towards fulfilling that research agenda. 

Researchers at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI)  is the research arm of The Ottawa Hospital and an affiliated institute of the University of Ottawa. Their goal is to make tomorrow's health care possible today; bringing new hope to our patients, while advancing health research at a global level.

The OICC research team has fostered several productive collaborative relationships with researchers at the OHRI. Examples of collaborative work include a multi-phase feasibility study that informed the development of the OICC model, ongoing clinical research into melatonin and intravenous vitamin C, the development of a consensus-based research agenda for integrative oncology in Canada, and working for system change by improving patient and practitioner communication and patient outcomes through sharing electronic health records.

Voices of Support


“I applaud the OICC’s commitment to being a leader in integrative oncology research. From interactions with mutual patients, I realize that the clinical care provided by the OICC has real value to the people under our care, and that this care can and should be expanded to others. With the research that we’ve done together already and the approach you take in science and clinical care, I believe the OICC will achieve great prominence as a valuable resource for patients.”

Andrew J.E. Seely, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Associate Scientist, Ottawa Health Research Institute
Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Ottawa
Research Director, Division of Thoracic Surgery and Critical Care Medicine of The Ottawa Hospital

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