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We research the effectiveness of new therapies and natural health products, and bring evidence-informed, reliable information to patients, their families and health care providers.

Research is Fundamental to Advancing Integrative Oncology

The goal of the OICC research program is to advance the practice of integrative oncology in Canada. To help achieve this goal our research team collaborates with several academic, administrative, clinical and patient partners to conduct primary research in two main areas:

  1. Safety, Effectiveness and Cost of Complementary Therapies
  2. Developing and Evaluating Integrative Oncology Models

The OICC research program is informed by ongoing efforts to develop a framework and agenda for integrative oncology research in Canada.

An emerging research framework highlights five priority research areas as fundamental to advancing integrative oncology practice and policies:

  • Clinical effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Economic context of care
  • Development and evaluation of integrative oncology models
  • Knowledge translation

Our research program is structured to address these five priority areas to better assess and develop individual complementary therapies offered within the OICC and the integration of our therapies with the conventional cancer care system.

Teaching and spreading the word of OICC research through various dissemination activities ensure the results of our work are shared with the broader integrative oncology community, and that our clinical care is informed by the most up-to-date evidence in the field. Examples of dissemination activities includes publication in peer reviewed journals, educational sessions with practitioners in clinic and to others through continuing education, through patient seminars, and at conferences in the broader medical research community.

Voices of Support


“I applaud the OICC’s commitment to being a leader in integrative oncology research. From interactions with mutual patients, I realize that the clinical care provided by the OICC has real value to the people under our care, and that this care can and should be expanded to others. With the research that we’ve done together already and the approach you take in science and clinical care, I believe the OICC will achieve great prominence as a valuable resource for patients.”

Andrew J.E. Seely, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Associate Scientist, Ottawa Health Research Institute
Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Ottawa
Research Director, Division of Thoracic Surgery and Critical Care Medicine of The Ottawa Hospital

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