Improving Quality of Life

Babes4Breasts Head Start Program for Women with Breast Cancer


"The Head Start program prepared me emotionally
for the marathon of chemo and radiation.
Emotional ups and downs that accompany a cancer diagnosis
are unpredictable and can really wallop you if you don't see them coming. Head Start helped me see them coming!"
- Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, CBC TV Host

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Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

Next Program Starts September 19th, 2019



Participants learn of benefits achievable through:

  • nutrition
  • exercise
  • mind body therapies
  • stress management
  • integrative medicine
  • healthy lifestyle

Through workshops and group support sessions experience improved quality of life, reduced side effects, lowered anxiety and depression, increased stamina, and better overall health outcomes.

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"The OICC Head Start program was a lifeline for me during the early days of my breast cancer diagnosis and continues to provide me with much needed support as I struggle with both the physical and emotional challenges that remain after conventional treatment ends." - Christine


"I heard about the OICC through the Women's Breast Health Centre. I signed up for the Head Start Program and loved the course.  It was extremely helpful and a good balance of info and support.  I liked the practitioners coming in to the program, and am now receiving acupuncture at the OICC which helps incredibly with managing the side effects of chemo.  I come to yoga, often right after chemo, as I find it helps
with relaxation and flexibility."  - Kirsten

"Being part of the head start program at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre has helped me cope with the stress of the diagnosis and the beginning of treatment. We received a lot of stress related techniques and tools that are useful during this challenging journey; among others, useful tips in nutrition, relaxing activities, such as yoga, 
and to help diminish side effects." - Sandrine

"With the help of the Head Start program, I eliminated processed foods and added healthy choices focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables.  I now incorporate exercise into my daily routine, and have learned how to calm my mind and body.  I could not have done all this
without the support of the program." - Elizabeth

"The Head Start Program is a wonderful program where you feel immediately connected to the other women who are experiencing the same challenges in fighting breast cancer.   The support of the group was instant and comforting to me.  I would highly recommend this to any woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer."   - Pauline