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Instant Karma Board!

By Anne Pitman, OICC Yoga Therapist & Teacher

When times are tough, small things can help.  Sometimes it is just a smile.  Or a few simple words
of comfort.  A gesture that helps us to know that we aren’t alone.

A pot of soup, the loan of a beloved book, a foot massage, a prayer.

We need each other, we humans.

The latest research suggests that in challenging times, attunement with each other or “social engagement” (Polyvagal Theory, Stephen Porges) can calm our nervous system.  We have literally evolved by needing and depending on each other.  During cancer treatment, a heartfelt connection can soften our fight and flight or freeze and feint patterns. We all need to feel heard and it helps to feel a part of a tribe.

Giving, as a practice, works well for the receiver.  Perhaps that is obvious.  But it also helps the health of the giver.

Introducing, the OICC’s Instant Karma Board; a way to connect and actively take care of ourselves and each other.

Down the hall toward the kitchen is our new project, one that we hope will both raise the spirits and nourish the nervous systems of all who take part.  An index card and a marker are all you need to be altruistic. 

Please feel free to offer up anything, with or without monetary value; a cup of coffee, an offer to walk a dog or a time to chat.  Maybe you know how to make kumbucha, or are a great knitter and would love to teach someone else.  Maybe you have read all the books on cancer you can, and you’d like to pass them on.  Perhaps you have a wig or two in your closet you are totally finished with.  Imagine the yoga therapist has a cancellation, and she offers up a free session.  Or maybe, as you pay for your acupuncture session, you decide to pay it forward and put a free session for someone else on the board. 

The possibilities are wide and endless.  As wide as your open, calmed and connected heart.

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