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Remembering Bryan Murray


Bryan Murray was a giant in the community who had a positive impact on all of those he connected with.
It was a real privilege to get to know him and have his support for the OICC, our patients and our foundation.
He was a champion for integrative cancer care and we will always be grateful for his advocacy
as Honourary Chair of our Changing How We Live with Cancer Campaign

- Dr. Dugald Seely, ND, Executive Director of the OICC and OICC Foundation


"Bryan was a source of inspiration to all of us.  His support and belief in the OICC was visible and genuine.
He loved his family and his community.  We will all miss him forever.  God bless you, Bryan."

- John Kelly, Chair of the OICC Foundation & OICC Community Advisory Board


"Bryan Murray was a rare individual - both a gentleman and a fierce fighter. He led with compassion
and he fought with supreme courage. He cared deeply, and used his pulpit to save lives
even as his own life was in peril. A true champion in all he did. What a legacy."

- Rabbi Bulka, Member of the OICC Community Advisory Board


"Bryan Murray will long be remembered for his leadership in hockey, but his commitment to the community
and local charitable organizations will be a big part of his legacy in Ottawa. I had the privilege
of working with Bryan on the Community Advisory Board of the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre
and got to witness first hand his tireless efforts to make a difference. He will be missed and long remembered."

- Jackie King, Member of the OICC Community Advisory Board

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