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OICC Patient Tamara Levine Shares Her Story in "But Hope is Longer"

Cancer is a country no one wants to visit, with a language we never want to learn.

After being diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer, Tamara Levine wrote the first of eleven letters she would send to family and friends throughout her “year from hell”.

The nightmare that hangs over every woman's head has descended upon me. I have been transported to a new country like an unwilling (and unwitting) immigrant, even a deportee, uprooted from all that is familiar and dropped into a strange, inhospitable, and dangerous land.

Much more than a memoir, But Hope is Longer documents a personal odyssey that is also a universal one, offering insight, compassion, strategies, and surprises that individuals, families, and professionals dealing with cancer will find invaluable. Here Tamara shares the minefields, startling paradoxes, and unexpected joys of her healing journey. Confronted by the daunting labyrinth of the cancer care system, she fought to find a treatment plan that made sense for her. Above all, she strove to navigate and bring together the worlds of mainstream and complementary medicine.

Tamara brings us the voices of her team of healers: her oncologists, surgeon, naturopathic doctor, and life coach. They share their expertise, why they choose to do this work, how they cope with the inevitable losses, and their hopes and visions for cancer care.

Watch the OICC video to hear Tamara describes her experience with complementary cancer care.

"Part testimonial and part resource, Tamara takes us on her journey through a disease of unenviable odds, multiple therapies, and ultimately physical and personal transformation. It is a profound testament to the possibility of a truly integrative model of care that includes the voices of her dedicated team of healers. Her story demonstrates the challenges and possibilities of bridging what are often seen as conflicting medical cultures to create a powerful holistic and individualized therapeutic experience."

- Dr. Dugald Seely, Naturopathic Doctor (ND), FABNO
Founder & Executive Director, Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre

Join Tamara for the official launch of her book on Wednesday, November 14th at 7:00 pm, Chapters, Upper Level, 47 Rideau Street, Ottawa.  Click here for more details of the book launch and to RSVP.

During the OICC grand opening ceremonies, Tamara spoke about her journey of straddling both conventional and complementary systems of cancer care, and signed copies of her book.

A limited number of signed copies are now available for purchase at the OICC.  

Books can also be ordered online directly from the publisher.


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