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Ottawa Community Funds Babes4Breasts Head Start Program at the OICC with Over $17,000


Jonathan Hatchell (CEO, Royal Oak Pubs), Louise Dixon (Senior Account Manager, Boom 99.7 FM),
Dugald Seely (Executive Director, OICC), Sarah Young (Programs and Outreach, OICC),
Ana Miura (Founder, Babes4Breasts), Chris Sheppard (Beau’s All Natural Brewery),
Dave Fenton (Beau’s All Natural Brewery),
Amanda Rheaume (Co-Chair Babes4Breasts),
and Heidi Vincent (Marketing, Communications & Public Relations, OICC).

CBC TV Host Lucy van Oldenbarneveld
shares how Head Start helped when she was diagnosed

  "It prepared me emotionally for the marathon of chemo and radiation. 
Emotional ups and downs that accompany a cancer diagnosis are unpredictable
and can really wallop you if you don't see them coming. Head Start helped me see them coming!"


Next Babes4Breasts Head Start Program starts January 6th! 

Read more about Head Start!




to Babes4Breasts
and all donors!

Raised by the Babes4Breasts 9th Annual Benefit Concert,
CD sales, online silent auction and
The Royal Oak and Beau's Brewery campaigns.





Please support the
Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre.

Donate to Head Start, other ongoing programs for patients,
subsidized individual care, research, or to an area of greatest need.

Thank you!


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