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Psychosocial Support

"Hope is not the expectation that things will turn out well, it is the belief that there is meaning no matter how things turn out" (Vaclav Havel).

Integrative counselling respects the interaction between mind, body and spirit. Integrative cancer care is care of the entire human being and is about more than physical survivorship, which is not always possible.  We strive to support survival of integrity, autonomy and dignity - which is always possible.

What to expect with pyschotherapy

Individual counselling sessions provide personal and private time to deal with often unspoken fears and concerns. Cancer patients often find great comfort in being able to speak freely about what their life, healing and mortality means to them - without protecting everyone around them.  Loved ones also benefit from the opportunity to explore and find peace with their role and how to love and care for someone with cancer without feeling they need to rescue them.  Supportive care is fundamentally about respect and courage - courage to walk with our clients and to be present for the full range of their experience.

Group counselling provides people with the opportunity to find support through common experience.  Synergy between members provides a powerful healing modality and members are often inspired and supported by each other.

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