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Hypnosis Visualization

This mind-body therapy is designed to complement modern medical treatments, by reducing the cancer patient’s fears and anxieties, and help them positively engage in their treatment. Hypno-Visualization encompasses a focused mindset aided by positive lifestyle changes in the form of diet and exercise.

In essence – Hypnosis Visualization for Cancer Care allows for the development of a “Positive Expectancy” at each stage of the illness whilst instilling a “Motivation to Be Well”.


The aim of Hypno-Visualization is to offer those experiencing and dealing with cancer a legitimate, professional and caring service, aimed at complimenting the established treatments that they may already be involved with.

The Hypno-Visualization approach will show you how stress in the immune system from both long term stresses and a series of recent major traumas can lower your immune systems effectiveness, and deter good health.

Restoring your psychology (including your negative or fear based subconscious inner voices) to a more positive mind-set can strengthen your immune system and have a positive effect on your recovery.

Be an active participant in your health. Focus in on some key areas that need changing. One session will demonstrate the strength of this modality. Many sessions will help you navigate the various challenges you face and take you deeper into that inner wisdom we all hold, allowing you to produce the best possible environment you can.

What to expect with hypno-visualization

The Hypno-Visualization treatment is divided up into separate modules that can be adapted to every client’s individual situation.

MODULE  1 - The Vent
Dealing with the emotional distress following your Diagnosis.

MODULE 1b - The Carer
The Carers opportunity to offload their emotions and understanding how to best manage themselves and the sufferer.

MODULE 2 - Moving forward
Building a winning team, taking control and understanding your objectives.

MODULE 3 - Positivity Rules!
Building that positive mind-set. Understanding the patient’s role in medical treatments and pain relief.

MODULE 4 - Reinforcement and Surveillance
Once you’re on the mend, you’ll want to reinforce and maintain that recovery

MODULE 5 - Recurrence
Accessing and dealing with a recurrence - Going back to the well one more time.

MODULE 6 - Death and Acceptance
It comes to us all at some point; you can dwell on it or focus on going out in style.

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