Improving Quality of Life

Initial Naturopathic Consultation

The OICC strives to optimize your health by offering a personalized,
wholistic approach to health and well being

The Initial Naturopathic Consultation is the first step towards this goal, and comprises the following:

  • Dietary assessment and changes recommended where necessary to promote better health and healing, including the incorporation of an anti-cancer diet.
  • Key health parameters assessment including  inflammation, nutritional status, blood sugar control, stress,  immune function and cancer progression. Extra blood work will be ordered if current blood work does not provide this information.
  • Fitness level assessment to determine best type of program to increase stamina, promote health and wellbeing.
  • Mental and emotional status assessment to reduce anxiety and manage stress levels.
  • A review of current diagnostics, labs and scans.
  • A review of prescription medications in current use to avoid possible interactions with natural health products that are prescribed during your visit.
  • A review of supplements in current use and recommend changes if possible interactions are a concern.

A treatment plan is provided and will include:

  • Dietary recommendations.
  • Exercise recommendations.
  • Natural Health Product prescriptions.
  • Referrals to other members of our multi-disciplinary team.
  • Follow ups will be requested to determine treatment plan success, and to make changes where necessary.
  • The treatment plan will be forwarded in the form of clinical progress notes to allied health care professionals including your oncologist and GP

Extra Testing and Labs may be recommended and can include the following:

  • Bio Impedence test to determine cellular health in order to monitor lean muscle mass, overall hydration levels, and response to therapies.
  • GI profile and/or IGG tests to determine food sensitivities and overall gut performance.
  • Environmental testing to determine toxin load.



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