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Jocelyn'e Story as a Patient at the OICC

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May 02 2019

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Jocelyne is a patient at the OICC and has integrated acupuncture and massage therapy into her cancer care.  Below is the story of her choices and the commitment she made to optimizing her recovery by making changes to her diet and doing regular exercises to regain full mobility.  Here is her story.

Jocelyne’s story - taking back a certain control of my body

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy, breast reconstruction with implant and contralateral balance reduction. I decided, for the time being, not to proceed with the recommended conventional treatments but to seek guidance for natural cancer care to strengthen my immune system and non-toxic therapies to help the healing process of my whole body.

In doing everything listed below I took back a certain control of and rediscovering my body:

To improve my health, I moved to a plant-based diet; once a month, I treat myself to chicken or fish and dessert.

The therapies I follow presently are acupuncture, physiotherapy and massage, as well as Mistletoe that is given by injection. I developed cording (Axillary Web Syndrome) which occurred after removing multiple lymph nodes from my underarm. It caused pain, tightness and discomfort in the area of my underarm up to my shoulder. Physical and massage therapies have been effective in reducing the cording.

I maintain and improve physical movements of my arms by doing stretching exercises1and arm exercises.2

In the morning and/or evening before bathing, I follow a self-massage technique3 to optimize the function of the lymphatic system and to be proactive in preventing the development of lymphedema. I alternate that technique with dry brushing of my skin4 which helps with circulation, lymphatic drainage, removal of toxins and smoothness of the skin.

Finally, I changed my skin care regimen to natural ingredients derived from garden herbs and flowers 5. The products include essential oils and the healing properties of medicinal herbs. The soaps, lotions and salves nourish and moisturize my skin as well as bring me calmness and relaxation, especially after a bath.


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