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Mind Body Therapy

Anne Pitman, M.Sc., EYRT-500, C-IAYT 

Yoga Teacher and Therapist

AnneAnne Pitman has a Masters in Kinesiology and has been guiding people to be present in their life, through dance, yoga and fitness,
for over 30 years. She has extensive experience in compassionately accompanying people who are facing cancer, both in weekly gentle and restorative yoga classes, as a Yoga Therapist (one on one yoga) in clinic, and as a Care Coordinator at the OICC.  She co-leads the Babes4Breasts Head Start, a program for those newly diagnosed with breast cancer, bringing a wide array of mindfulness and yoga  practices to work with fear and anxiety. Anne is also the co-director of the Ottawa School of Embodied Yoga Therapy ( She has long been a teacher of teachers, designing studies for certified Yoga Teacher Training from a Scaravelli and somatic, or body-centered listening approach. She is a graduate and ongoing scholar at the Orphan Wisdom School where she learns to compassionately support both living deeply and dying well. Recently, Anne released a (4 cd) set entitled “7 Short Practices; A Gentle Companion for Yoga Home Practice” and a meditation cd, “Into the Body”, a fundraiser for the OICC. 



Lisa Paterson, M.Ed., ERYT, SYT

Yoga Therapist

Lisa (M.Ed., ERYT, SYT) is one of OICC's yoga therapists. As a yoga therapist, Lisa compassionately accompanies people who are turning towards cancer, offering support to their caregivers as well. Lisa has over 25 years of experience in the field of embodied yoga, somatic therapies and complementary cancer care.


Mélanie H. Levesque

Certified Reiki Practitioner

Mélanie is a Certified Reiki Practitioner at the OICC. Mélanie has been practicing Reiki since 2008 and has completed her Levels I, II and III.

Mélanie provides meaningful Reiki treatments to patients in order to assist them through their life journey. She helps individuals achieve a sense of physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Mélanie works on the Mind, Body and Spirit at the same time in order to assist patients in achieving wholeness.

Moira Hutchison

Hypnosis Visualization Practitioner

Moira offers people with cancer and their families a professional, caring service that psychologically supports and assists them through every stage of their illness. This is accomplished by using a personalized blend hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique), Reiki, positive visualizations and mindset coaching.

In essence – Hypnosis Visualization for Cancer Care allows for the development of a “Positive Expectancy” at each stage of the journey whilst instilling a “Motivation to Be Well”.


Voices of Support

“For far too long, disciplines have worked in isolation without communication and our patients have often felt caught between differing therapeutic philosophies, often to their detriment. This is a wonderful initiative. An integrative program will help provide a much needed bridge.”

Shailendra Verma, MD, FRCPC, FACP (chair)
Medical Oncologist, The Ottawa Hospital 

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