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Our clinicians are here for you from the moment of diagnosis through to preventing cancer recurrence.

We provide naturopathic medicine, family therapy, physiotherapy,nutrition, acupuncture, massage therapy, lymphedema and lymphatic drainage, intravenous therapies, exercise therapy, yoga therapy and stress management. We work with you and your families to help decrease the side effects of cancer treatment; improve energy, well-being and overall quality of life; balance the body’s immune system; support the mind, body and spirit in the healing process; and provide strategies for cancer prevention and health maintenance.


We are here for patients wanting to receive complementary support alongside conventional treatments and for those seeking prevention of cancer or its recurrence. We engage oncologists, surgeons, and family doctors, to develop complementary, therapeutic programs that can help to optimize overall wellness.

Through our clinical practice, research and education, we strive to assess and reduce the possible causes of cancer while exploring innovative integrative treatment approaches.

Subsidized care is available for patients who cannot afford costs not covered by insurance or OHIP, through our Whole-Person Cancer Care Regardless of Income program.



The OICC is committed to building the evidence base in the emerging field of integrative oncology through high-impact research. Forging new frontiers, the OICC is developing a collaborative network to advance research and treatment efforts. The Centre aims to be a hub for both the conduct and teaching of innovative, ethical research into complementary approaches.


The OICC is driven to educate and empower people with cancer, or those attempting to prevent cancer, on how best to take control of their own health. Patients are encouraged to take an active role in their healing process through the adoption of self-care practices that support their body, mind and spirit. For instance, they learn about the role of nutrition, enabling them to make wise food choices that may hinder rather than promote cancer growth. By working with partners the OICC actively engages in patient, community, association and institutional education, through year-round workshops, seminars and online learning.

Voices of Support

“For far too long, disciplines have worked in isolation without communication and our patients have often felt caught between differing therapeutic philosophies, often to their detriment. This is a wonderful initiative. An integrative program will help provide a much needed bridge.”

Shailendra Verma, MD, FRCPC, FACP (chair)
Medical Oncologist, The Ottawa Hospital 

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