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The OICC welcomes patients at any stage of cancer and those wishing to prevent cancer

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Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre

We are the first integrative cancer care and research centre in central and eastern Canada, established to improve quality of life for those touched by cancer.  Through clinical practice, research and education, we strive to assess and reduce possible causes of cancer while exploring innovative integrative treatments.

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Complementary cancer care alongside conventional treatment

Many people living with cancer seek complementary support alongside their conventional treatments. Why? Complementary therapies can significantly improve a patient’s quality of life by decreasing toxicity and side effects, strengthening the immune system, and supporting the body’s healing ability. We work with our patients and where possible collaborate with their oncologists, surgeons, and family doctors to develop therapeutic programs that help sustain wellness during and after treatment.


Green Beaver launches deodorant to help support cancer prevention research

Proceeds from the Green Beaver limited edition OICC Citrus Deodorant will be donated to the OICC. Buy your deodorant today at local Ottawa health food stores, pharmacies, SPAs, ND clinics, at the OICC, or online. Many th...


Babes4Breasts Head Start Program for Women with Breast Cancer - Starts July 8 & 9

Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer? Next Program Starts Wednesday, July 8th. Our Babes4Breasts Head Start Program helps newly diagnosed women feel less alone and confused, and better prepared for what lie...


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We provide whole person cancer care

The OICC is a regional centre of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. We welcome patients at any stage of cancer and those wishing to prevent cancer or its recurrence. We believe in treating the whole person – the mind, body, and spirit – and ultimately, we take into account the environment in which people live.

Our naturopathic doctors have specialized training in integrative cancer care. They guide and monitor each patient through the right complementary therapies at the right time. Therapies may include naturopathic medicine, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, massage, reflexology, physiotherapy, exercise, yoga, conscious living coaching, occupational therapy and counseling.